Shipping of Niklaus Mikaelson of The Originals and Caroline Forbes of The Vampire Diaries

AU MEME Klaroline was predicted by Bonnie, as in a prophecy. 

“There’s a man. The only one of his kind. He could have let you die once, but he didn’t. You should hate him with a passion, but you don’t. You’re his fatal weakness and he’s your greatest guilt. But despite everything else, you are each other’s redemption.” (Bonnie’s prophecy towards Caroline and Klaus)

Each others redemption. Omg. Them feels

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Yes, we know Klaroline wasn’t planned. We’re thankful for that. It wouldn’t be this good if it were intentional.

You know what ship was planned? Klamille!

Feel free to tell us how is that working out for you and your little show.


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